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Chamber Luncheons

Who doesn't enjoy connecting with friends? We all do! And socializing is even better when you can do it over a good meal, and we’ve gotten very good at combining good programs with good food. If we’re going to gather….well, why not eat, too? Have you joined us at any of our recent luncheons? If not, be sure to watch for upcoming events. Check the online calendar, this page and our Facebook page - and watch for our emails.


More about our luncheons...

Our luncheons are popular gatherings and during the course of each year the Chamber presents several luncheon events. They are excellent opportunities for you to make new connections, build business relationships, and enjoy a range of programs and topics set with our businesses in mind.


• February 23rd. "Washington Hospital Healthcare System: The Future of Healthcare in our Community" - SPONSOR, or Make RESERVATIONS online, on just one form, follow the arrow... 

The healthcare industry may be shooting the rapids in a time of dramatic change, but one thing that isn't changing is the focus of our regional hospital, Washington Hospital Healthcare System, continuing to expand its facilities, specialized services and partnerships to serve the community, providing the best in healthcare to the people of the Tri-Cities. Join us on February 23rd for "Washington Hospital Healthcare System: The Future of Healthcare in our Community." Learn how the 223,000 sq.ft. Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion at Washington Hospital will transform healthcare in the Tri-Cities area. Scheduled to open in the fall of 2018, the three-story pavilion rests on a base isolation system enabling it to move horizontally and vertically during an earthquake - a critical necessity in the East Bay where so many hospitals and public safety buildings are located on or near active faults. The new pavilion will house an expanded emergency department and a state-of-the-art intensive care unit. Ed Fayen, Senior Associate Administrator at Washington Hospital, will present a stimulating visual in-depth look at the new pavilion and the clinical services that will be offered in it.

• April 13th.

In April we present the annual "State of the City Address and Luncheon," one of the year's most popular events, featuring Mayor Al Nagy giving us an up to date presentation of key happenings in the City. 2016's presentation was overflowing with good news as he shared the breadth of community programs and the exciting development projects that are invigorating our business sector and local economy. We can't wait for the next episode...2017! When you attend this annual event you'll find yourself networking among the "who's who" of Newark!


• June 22nd. Every June we present our "Celebration of Business Luncheon." The Mayor and City Council officially proclaim June as "Business Appreciation Month" - so we naturally choose this month to recognize and honor the best in Newark businesses, along with special individuals in our organization. We take great pleasure in thanking our volunteer leaders, and we install the new Board of Directors.

• October's Luncheon is when we focus on business related issues - policies that impact you, and your business.  On election years, we hold a candidates' forum giving you a chance to get to know and see the candidates in action, face to face.

• December's "Holiday Luncheon" is an extra special holiday season event, beloved by all. It must be quite popular because Santa always shows up and often Mrs. Santa joins him. If you are looking to pump up the holiday spirit, this is the place it will happen, guaranteed. It’s a favorite among our business members.


We invite you to join us – good connections, good food, good information and good times! It’s ALL GOOD!



Mission Statement

The Mission of the Newark Chamber of Commerce is to stand as the voice of business and support our members’ success by promoting a favorable business climate and quality of life in our community.

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