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DID YOU KNOW that Chamber Membership is an effective business strategy?
A 2012 Schapiro Group Research Study of 2000 adults reveals that being a member of a local chamber of commerce is an effective business strategy because two-thirds of consumers believe that companies who are participating members of their local chamber use good practices, are reputable, care about their customers, and are involved in the community.

The study found that if consumers are aware that a small business is involved with its local chamber great benefits emerge. For example, if consumers know that a small business is a member of the chamber of commerce, the business enjoys a 49% increase in its consumer favorability rating, 73% increase in consumer awareness, a 68% increase in its local reputation, and an 80% increase in the likelihood that consumers will patronize the business in the future. When you join the Chamber, your annual investment is also tax-deductible as a business expense.
FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
• What is the Chamber?
• Is the Chamber part of the government?
• How much does Chamber membership cost?
• Is the Chamber a political organization?
• Does the Chamber issue business licenses?
• How do I schedule a Ribbon Cutting or Chamber Mixer? How will it benefit my business?
• How do I promote my business to other Chamber members and consumers?
• What is my membership worth if I can't attend events or engage face to face?

What is the Chamber?
The Newark Chamber of Commerce is a member-based business advocacy organization providing a strong voice in support of creating and maintaining the economic vitality of our businesses and community. Our programs, business services and events ALL serve the purpose of assisting our members to grow and thrive. Our strength lies in a broad-based membership comprised of businesses and many community organizations and agencies.
The Chamber is a local leader in the following core areas:
• Strengthening the local economy
• Promoting and connecting the community
• Providing quality networking and relationship-building opportunities
• Representing business to government

Is the Chamber part of the government?
The Chamber is not part of the government. We are an independent member-based business association, a non-profit, tax-exempt 501c(6) corporation. Our operations are funded by the annual dues and investments of members; by non-dues revenue producing activities; and, through contracts or grants to perform services in keeping with our mission to strengthen the businesses and community. We are not a tax supported entity.

How much does Chamber membership cost?
Membership dues are based on the number of employees your business has and are assessed annually. Non-profit organizations are assessed a flat fee. Join online here, at www.newark-chamber.com

Is the Chamber a political organization?
The Newark Chamber believes that a healthy business community is invaluable to the community as a whole.  We are founded on the principle that a healthy business community provides jobs, a tax base and opportunities to the overall community. As such, we track local, state and federal issues impacting business and maintain close contact with city, county and state legislators to promote beneficial business legislation and discourage detrimental regulations. Representing the interests of our businesses to elected leaders is an essential role for our organization.

Does the Chamber issue Business Licenses?
Business licenses are issued by the City of Newark. All businesses operating within the City of Newark must be licensed. Get more information on the City website at www.newark.org.

I want to get publicity for my new business. How do I schedule a Ribbon Cutting?
The Newark Chamber of Commerce is happy to help make our member's grand openings and/or ribbon cuttings great successes and memorable events. Our mayor, council members, and key city staff take great pleasure in joining with us to welcome your new business. Ribbon cuttings are a highly visible way to promote your opening, or they can be effective ways to celebrate special business events - like your newly renovated facilities, a business expansion, or an anniversary.
Another tried and true way to promote your business, make new contacts and bring potential customers to your doorstep is by hosting a Chamber "Business After Hours" Mixer. Get on the schedule today - tie it to a special celebration within your business! You can download a Ribbon Cutting Request or Mixer Request today.  Still have more questions? Give us a call at 510-578-4500 or email us at info@newark-chamber.com. We love to help you celebrate success!

I want to promote my business to other Chamber members and to consumers - how?
We want to help members market their products and services to each other and to local consumers. Did you know that this website has a comprehensive Member Business Directory to promote your business, with enhanced features that support your connections and partnerships with other member businesses and organizations? We strongly encourage you to do businesses with other member businesses, to offer member to member discounts and promotions - and you are all listed here on the Chamber's Member Business Directory, making it easy to connect. You can draw visibility to your business via your own listing page and also by advertising on this website, or in our E-Newsletters, which reach an additional 500-1000 people in our community beyond the Chamber members. Members also have access to a Newark Chamber mobile app, AND, each year a Business Directory/Community Guide is published containing a listing of ALL our members. Better yet, it is available in full color digitally at http://emflipbooks.com/flipbooks/Newark_CoC/MD_2017/
What is my membership worth if I am unable to attend events or engage face to face?

Time...there simply are never enough hours in the day and many demands on your time. But even if you do not participate face to face in the many events hosted by the Chamber, your business will still benefit.
As a Newark Chamber member you automatically receive all of the following benefits:
• Increased consumer confidence in your business as a member of your local Chamber. The Chamber "brand" is recognized and trusted.
• You are part of a collective business voice through the Chamber legislative advocacy program. Together, we are heard. Together, we can accomplish what we cannot do alone. Together, we have influence.
• Direct customer referral services (online, by phone, and in person).
• An enhanced listing in the online Chamber Business Directory, actually a "mini" web page, with links to your business’ website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and the ability to post photos, videos and special offers or discounts.
• Opportunities to promote your company news, events, and job postings on the Chamber website, and our Facebook page, as well as on mass emails sent regularly to members and subscribers. Connect online with your potential partners and customers!
• Increased business exposure by displaying your business cards and company collateral at the Chamber's office.
• Save money on products and services from members who offer who offer discount savings to other Chamber members.
• A tax deduction (as a legitimate business expense) for your Chamber membership investment (consult your tax professional).

Membership in the Newark Chamber brings value to your business and organization even if you seldom or never participate face to face.  We simply do everything we can to make sure that our members truly "GET IT!" Don't you think YOU should JOIN and get it, too? Make that call now! 510-578-4500
Members Get It
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